Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I have bought quite a few Soap & Glory products over the last month or so.  Including some shower washes and make up.  I did not really see the need to review my 'Clean on Me' or 'Sugar Crush' shower creams as there are so many reviews on these and also the 'Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks' again so many reviews.

But skincare well there are not so many recent ones that I could see.  I have been using these for over a month now and I do like them so here is the review for the moisturiser and eye serum roll on.

First up 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes' It claims to be a 'Tired Eye Regenerating Serum' and it has something called Live Yeast Cell Derivative which is supossed to reduce puffiness.  I tend to get more puffy than dark so I was interested to try this out.  It also claims to blur, lift, firm, illuminate,cool and moisturise. Now for sure it moisturises.  It does not feel that cooling but I guess if you keep it in the fridge like I used to keep my beloved Molten Brown Eye Rescue then it will probably feel more cooling . 

As you can see its a three point rollerball applicator so you squeeze a little and I mean a little as it goes a very long way onto the balls and then apply.  I apply then roll a little with the applicator but you will need to pat/tap the rest of the product in to get it absorbed properly.

Hopefully you can see from this image that its a pinky toned serum which is slightly pearlescent as the general idea is to counteract the darkness with the pink and to illuminate with the pearlescent sheen it has. I do like it it does brighten a little and it does moisturise it is also one of the only eye serum/creams I have used that when I wake up I don't get a stiff or mask like feeling over and around my eyes with. So that's a plus on its own to be honest as I hate it when that happens.

next up the moisturiser .  'For Daily Youth'

In it's cute toothpaste like tube .  I really like the packaging some may not as I know pumps are favoured today as its more hygienic.  But generally I don't try and put moisturiser on with dirty hands to I don't worry too much about such things.  Its more a lotion than a cream and its quite light.   It claims to be a 6-in-1 ‘do it all’ formulation. So it is supposed to maximise moisture levels, soothe stressed skin, rejuvenate tired skin (same thing no?) , improve elasticity, soften and smooth, balanced for all skin that a thing even? OK so I do feel it moisturises thankfully as that is its job it does make my skin feel nice and soft not velvety but just a nice soft feeling.  My skin does seem less redder especially around my nose at the moment so it could of helped with that but I am not 100% convinced.

 As you can see its an almost palest pink lotion and it does absorb nicely into just cleansed skin and sinks in quick so you can get on and apply foundation .  It does act as quite a nice base I think as it does brighten a little , nothing dramatic.  My skin used to be incredibly dry but since I had an operation last year my skin now swings between combination/break -outy and normal . Sighs :(

But this does not break me out anymore than I normally am if that makes sense it also smells really nice almost fruity but nothing overpowering or lingering.

The eye serum and lotion are both available online and in store at Boots priced £9.50 and £9.00 respectively.  My fave Soap & Glory Skin care thus far is 'Peaches & Clean' I am in love with it but again its been reviewed so much there is not much point me doing a review .  All I can suggest is go and buy it now! Have you tried either of these products? let me know what you think and please follow :)

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