Wednesday, 29 January 2014

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation & SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint

Got these last week and so far I am enjoying using them.  I had seen some favourable reviews and I was looking for a full coverage foundation. I have NEVER tried Seventeen foundations in all the years I have been buying make up.  I am not sure I have bought much of anything from them .  The only item I can ever recall before these was a single eye shadow which was one of my favourite eye shadows ever and it was in a colour called Windswept and I don't believe they do it any more which is very annoying.

Anyway I do like these,

First the concealer.  Yes as others had said it is similar to Benefits Boi-ing and I think I prefer it as I found Boi-ing to crease a little under the eye.  Last few years I have not really favoured this type of concealer I have preferred the doe foot more liquid types as my skin was very dry and did not work well with this type. But since my operation last year I have had more oily/combination skin so I thought I would give it a try along with this full coverage foundation.

It is a cream solid and although it looks a little dark this is the fair colour.
On the skin it does look a little pink to me:-
but it blends well into my skin and seems to match well.  It is better warmed on the back of the hand a little first then patted in.  As if you try and sweep your fingers over it you can end up with it dragging.

I think for the price £5.49 its a good concealer (available online here Boots) it also comes with a little mirror which again for the price is pretty good I think .
Now the foundation. I was really unsure if I should of gone with the Soft Ivory or the Porcelain as the Ivory is more pink to neutral toned and the porcelain is just neutral to yellow . I ended up going with the Soft Ivory and it does blend with my skin just fine.
As you can see its very pale but does oxidise and darkens down a little. When you apply this you have to be lightening fast as it sets almost straight away.  So if you tried to use hands I think you would end up with streaks or it balling up. A sponge or brush are better.  I used a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as its quite densely packed and seemed to be a good choice for blending in quickly.  It did work well.  Today for this review I put it on at 9 in the morning and took a photo (no filter) this afternoon at 2pm and here as you can see its worn a little around my nose (don't foundations always do this!) but the rest of the coverage seems to of held up and I only added a little powder to set.

It says its a 25 hour stay foundation .  Well I am not going to sleep in this as I would end up with a face of spots if I did but I think its a good last all day foundation and by all day I mean 8 - 10 hours.  You may need to powder your nose or touch up concealer around your nose if you are oily but I expect to do that anyway so I don't see that as being a bad thing regarding this foundation. This is  from Boots as well and costs £6.49 which is a TOTAL bargain as far as I am concerned for any foundation let alone one that works as well as this.  Also Seventeen is on 3 for 2 at the moment at Boots so an even better bargin and nothing feels better than that.

Have  you tried this? what did you think? please comment and subscribe :) xx


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