Friday, 24 January 2014

MUA LUXE 'Velvet Lips' liquid lipstick.

Another one from the very affordable and becoming more consistent MUA . This time from the LUXE range which has been out since the later part of last year. It's available in Superdrug and online here (MUA) at their flagship website.

The colour I have is called 'Reckless' and its priced at a very reasonable £3.00.

It is a lovely velvet red colour with pinky undertones although I agree in the tube it looks more of a blue based red once you take out the applicator though you can see the pink.  Despite the pinky undertones though I don't find it makes my teeth look yellow as some pinky ones can.

It comes with a very slim doe foot applicator :-

 I find the applicator quite adequate at applying the lipstick and it goes on very smooth.  Once it is on it DOES NOT MOVE it sets quite fast and goes to a demi matt finish .  I trial all 'long lasting' items on my hand first and leave them on for 24 hours or however long they last and this stayed on my hand and I washed my hands (obviously) quite a few times in 24 hours and did all the other mummy and household chores you would expect and it stayed there.  Naturally after washing my hands the soap ate away a little at it but lets face it if you wear this you are not going to sit there and scrub your lips with soap are you....are you? :p

I don't find it that drying even though its a long lasting colour.  It does not feel super moisturising but neither does it feel cakey.
Here it is without flash :-
and with flash :-
That's just one coat.  I would not recommend building it up too much as then the bottom layer dries and the top one then does not go on so smoothly.

After I took the pictures I went out and was out for about 4 hours including having a lunch out ( A roast dinner) and drink and here is the after shot :-
as you can see parts have worn off but considering I ate a roast dinner and drank coffee and had an ice cream (total pig I know!) I think it held up rather well.  For £3.00 you cant go wrong with these and I will be looking to get some more colours.

Have you tried them? what did you think? Please comment and follow :) x

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