Thursday, 16 January 2014


OK so when I heard about these coming out I was quite excited.  For the Baby Skin primer especially.

The primer was on offer and I ordered the foundation as soon as it was available and I have had a good try with both. I have read some other reviews and the primer has been likened to Benefits PORE-Fessional however its not tinted like Benefits primer and does not really 'fill in' pores.  As the bottle states its a 'instant pore eraser' I would say its a blurs pores and smooths the skin .  Its a silica based primer so it will have that slippy feeling on the skin.  I would say its more akin to Smashbox photo finish clear primer although not as good . 

As you can see its a clear gel like substance.  It goes on nicely and I would say it blurs OK but nothing dramatic.  I would say it offers more of a smooth base for make up than it does as a skin corrector.  I did take a before photo of me pre primer but it corrupted sorry.  But here is an after of my skin with nothing on only primer.
It seems to slightly matt the skin as well and I have had no trouble with foundation holding on to it but I would suggest using it sparingly. 

Now the foundation

Yes the foundation that is supposed to be in the lightest colour 'Ivory', well excuse me but does that look like 'Ivory' to you?
And that is a photo about 10 seconds after I popped it on my hand its not even had time to oxidise yet! how orange is that! .  When I first saw this I was not even sure I wanted to put it on my face but I did and this stuff is weird .  It's texture is very thick which is fine as I like a medium to full coverage but then its orange, so you freak out a bit then apply and then the orange disappears but unfortunately so does most of the colour and it sheers out to almost a light cover.  Honestly I have tried applying with hands, sponge and brush it does the same every time.  Yes it stayed on as it promises to as it is from the 'Superstay' range and the cover what there was of it held up but I have used the original Superstay and I honestly remember it having more of a cover it was in fact I remember quite a heavy duty foundation for a drug store brand.  This on the other hand is not.

Here is a picture of it on my face with the primer under it you can compare the difference with the above picture of my face if you can see one..
It's perhaps smoothed my colouring out a bit but really that's it I cant see that I am now flawless as it promises to make me (lets face it though are we ever?) .  The product also promises to give you 'better looking skin in 3 weeks' and that it is 'vitamin energising' how it manages this I am not sure but I cannot imagine it does any more than the goji berries claim to do in the Boujours Healthy Mix Serum does.  I do love that foundation though and at least that one covers.  Don't get me wrong I love Maybelline but I would honestly save your money and get the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation which I think is fantastic or even their Dream Satin Foundation another really good one.  I was really disappointed in this one to be honest.  

As for the primer yes I do like it and it will do for everyday use as I don't have the money to keep buying the Benefit one.  If you do want to try either they are both available online and in store at Boots priced at £7.99 for the primer and £8.99 for the foundation.  But honestly their Fit Me is much better.  Of course though as with all things this is just my opinion.

Have you tried this what did you think? comment and please follow. xx

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