Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I saw this on YouTube and I had to have it.  I went into Boots the other weekend and it was on offer. So I got it and I have been using it for about 10 days now.

I have the black one but it also comes in 'Pop Turquoise' and 'Tropical Violet' .  At the moment they are priced at £5.99 on the Superdrug website but they will be £8.99 full price after the offer. I am sure the £5.99 offer at Boots is still going as well.

As you can see from the brush its a bristle style and its very tapered.  It also has a groove there if you can see which claims to give the wand 360 degrees flexibility. It also claims to have 'enlarging collagen spheres' to help volumize the lashes and the idea of the mascara is to enlarge upper and lower lashes to give that wide eyed look.  Well they say 'Manga' which is actually is the Japanese word for comic books in Japan I would say it was more 'Miss Anime,' anime meaning 'animation', which is more the wide eyed look I think they are on about.  see here for anime eyes 

 As you can see from above just an idea of the flexibility the groove gives the wand.

 My eye before and after ( no other make up on and YES my brows need threading) as you can see it does give a nice lift and some volume.  This is just two coats.  But as long as you keep going before it dries you can build on this and get a bit more impact!.

I do like this mascara.  I would also like to try the violet colour.  I wouldn't say its a HG mascara though.  Having read some recent reviews on there are some reviews there saying that it is their HG mascara. So I guess the formula is working very well for some people. I guess this is always the case with mascaras for example I HATE Maybeline the falsies mascara.  I hate the wand and I hate the formula.  But on YouTube and blogger sites you would think its the best mascara in the world.  I do believe that mascara preference is really dependant on your lash length, thickness and shape even.   I have been recommend so many in the past and been so disapointed with them as my lashes are not suited to the formula/wand etc.  So I would say in my opnion this is a nice mascara but nothing I would rave about .  L'oreal's Double Extention Waterproof on the other hand is one I would get excited about and I love it!.

One tip with this 'Miss Manga'  is I found it easier to remove if you put warm water on your lashes first give them a wipe then go back in with your usual eye make up remover.  Have you tried this what did you think? comment below and please follow. xx

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