Monday, 20 January 2014

Dupe for the Naked Palette (So I am told) W7 'IN THE BUFF'

SO I saw a review of this on LetzMakeup on YouTube and being a fan of W7 make up (I love these two items as well Blush & Shadow also their nail polishes are really good) ....I was very excited to hear about this palette.  I had not seen it on Amazon before so I am not sure how long they had it but if you go to LetzMakeup's page you can see her full review and a tutorial of the products on and also where you can buy from pharmacies in Ireland.   I have seen W7 in New Look before here and in The Original Factory Shop but mainly when I do its Nail Polish or perhaps a concealer.  Amazon seem to have the most of their stuff. Also W7 are sold here just type into search box 'W7' and the palette it's self is a lovely and cheap £4.80 In The Buff at .

It comes in a nice tin with one of those useless double ended cheap brush/spongetip thing's but for under a fiver I don't really care about that. I am happy to say the names of all the colours are on the back and accompanied by a small photo which for the price I think it fantastic as I was watching another beauty blogger on YouTube the other day and she had just bought a high end palette and was annoyed that the names were only on that plastic insert which you end up loosing and/or gets in the way. 
The colours themselves are very earth toned and rich in pigment and I was so surprised how little fallout you get, really almost none at all. There are also three matt colours in here.  It's said this is very like the Naked 1 on Letz's channel and on some of the comments I am seeing bloggers are saying NO it's more like the Naked 2 but either way its a whole lot cheaper and I am on a really low budget these days and much as I would love to own the Naked 3 (the only one I would consider buying anyway) I don't think I am going to be owning it any time soon.  This will do nicely though as its really excellent quality for the price.

I am really happy I managed to get this straight away as I think when word spreads it will be sold out on Amazon for a while.

I have taken a few swatches just to give you an idea (honestly LetzMakeup's video review is worth watching if you want to see all of them in detail)

That's just one swipe with four of the colours and thats with no primer or make up on under them.  They are really pigmented!.

Have you tried W7 before? I do really like what I have bought from them so far.  Especially this and their blushes which are kind of Benefit box blush dupes.  Let me know comment and please follow. :) x

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