Friday, 1 November 2013

Selection of Favourite Autumn and Winter Lip Products

HI all been so busy today have not even eaten anything yet but I wanted to get something up before I went off to do yet more house related things.   Here are just a few of the lip colours I will be wearing this winter, apologies for the tiny pimple that was on the side of my lip that I have only just noticed and its really annoying but still I hope you can ignore it and bearing in mind that I have no other makeup on whatsoever.

I have products from Maybelline, Revlon, NYX and MUA.

First up is the Maybelline in 'Ravishing Rouge its one of the 14hour lipsticks.  They seemed to have mixed reviews but I really like them.  They do last well but they do feather a bit but this is easily remedied with a lip liner or wax lip lock such as the body shop's one or the elf lip lock pencil.

Next up Maybelline again one of their 'color sensational' lipsticks in 'Rich Plum'. It looks really boring in the bullet almost a pinky beige.  But on the lips its a nice creamy brownish based plum. Hopefully that makes sense. It smells a bit like marshmallows and does last well.

The next one is by MUA its a Power Pout lip balm stain. My they were popular this year weren't they? :P .  Its a nice sheer stain with a little gloss this colour is called 'Crazy In Love' and I do really like it as a slap it on and go lippy.  It does leave a nice stain after which lasts far beyond its gloss and or balm abilities.

This one is by Revlon and its the well known 'In The Red', I do like this matt colour.  It does look better with a good liner first but you get the idea. It looks really brown in the bullet in my opinion but does go on smoothly and lasts for ages as all good matt lipsticks should. I do also own the lovely 'Cherries In The Snow.'  But could I find it when I wanted to do this blog post!?

And now to my favourite of the bunch the NYX Matt Lip Creme in Monte Carlo. I do love these and I hopefully will get the full range of colours. They go on soooo smoothly and smell like playdough so winner to start with.  They last ages as well.  Its applied here quite sheer but you can layer it up so it looks more blood red. It is a pinky base. I am really excited to try their Butter Glosses so will be getting some soon and will review.

On my arm the swatches from top to bottom are with just one swipe.  NYX Monte Carlo, MUA Crazy In Love, Revlon In The Red, Maybelline Ravishing Rouge and Maybelline Rich Plum.

The Maybelline's can be bought online at Superdrug or boots as can the Revlon.  The MUA can be bought online from Superdrug or their own website and the NYX I get from or you can get from NYX online shop.  Links are Superdrug Boots Amazon NYX. MUA Prices vary quite a bit depending on offers on at the time etc so best to look and see.

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