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Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection Age Defy

I had wanted to try the 'Advanced Thickening Treatment' from this range as I had seen a couple of YouTube videos on it and it looked pretty promising. When I went to buy one get one half price in Superdrug so I ended up getting the whole collection. As you do!

I have read mixed reviews on these products from places like makeupalley from loving it as an HG product to saying its the worst shampoo they have ever used. So I have given them a good go hence the slightly squeezed look of the bottles. Yes I know I should of taken a picture before I used them but I forgot. First up the Shampoo

As you can see its a yellowish colour and its thick very thick, I don't know if any of you remember Revlon Outrageous shampoos ? picture of the revlon shampoos well its like that it even smells similar which is weird.  It has a marzipan-esq kind of smell with a slight chemically tinge to it.  Odd I know but it really is the best way I can explain it. It does not foam up massively unless you use quite a lot of it and unless you rub it between your hands first forget getting it to cover your head properly. It rinses well and is quite conditioning in its self.  I read alot of reviews where people were saying it leaves your hair very dry I didn't find  this myself and I have very, very, very over-processed and dry brittle hair.  In fact if anything I found using this system made my hair a little more greasy at the roots than normal. As in it made my roots a little greasy when normally I never get that problem.
The official website for this claims:-

''Specially designed with hair & skin experts for those who seek an exceptional level of care.
AgeDefy shampoo, with a triple active complex - three nourishing ingredients uniquely blended - was specially designed with hair and skin experts to give you hair that looks up to 10 years younger. When used with the conditioner and the Advanced Thickening Treatment, it thickens existing hair strands temporarily by coating.''

Well it did make my hair slightly more volumized but nothing amazing I do like the shampoo though but this is mostly as the smell and texture reminds me so much of the Revlon Outrageous shampoos bar the fact that thus does not foam as much. I am not sure about the anti ageing claims as my hair is in a terrible condition. But this does give a nice shine. I am again not sure if that is just the shampoo or using the whole collection together though as I have not used the shampoo alone as yet.

The Conditioner

This is almost a lighter texture than the shampoo. Again it has that marzipan/chemically smell but a little lighter than the shampoo in smell. It spreads well through the hair and detangles well. I find three minutes of this is enough to get de-tangling and a nice shine. I always tend to mix my conditioner in with my Revlon Colour Creme as I have strongly coloured hair and being a purpley base I need to top up the colour with every wash as purple and red based colours fade very easily.  The instructions don't tell you to leave it for three minutes though they just say to massage in and rinse.

Its claims are:-

''AgeDefy conditioner, with a triple active complex - three nourishing ingredients uniquely blended - was specially designed with hair and skin experts to give you hair that looks up to 10 years younger. When used with the shampoo and the Advanced Thickening Treatment, it thickens existing hair strands temporarily by coating.'' 

The Mask

This promises to give 'strength against combing damage' At first I kind of wished that i had not bothered to buy this as it smelt and felt very similar to the conditioner and since I had used the conditioner first and been happy enough with it I felt that another of the more pricey thickening treatment would of been a better option.  But once I did try this I was pleased as it is better than the conditioner and gives a nice deep condition and shine. It smoothed my nasty split ends quite well too.  The smell is not as nice unfortunately . Well that's if you like marzipan/chemically smells in the first place.  Its a salon conditioner smell quite a generic one.  You know you are at the backwash and they put a conditioner on your hair and it has a strong salon smell and you leave the hairdressers and your whole body smells of the salon...yea that smell. This is what that smells like to me. I do like this I like it more than the shampoo and conditioner combined and if you don't buy all the collection at least buy this and the treatment. If thickening hair is your thing.

Its claims are:-

''Contains a highly concentrated dose of Anti-Ageing Triple Active Complex to nourish dry hair, reduce breakage, tame unruly fibers and reduce split end formation.
Use once or twice a week after shampooing.
Follow with Advanced Thickening Treatment for added fullness''

The Thickening Treatment

I did not pump any of this out as its a clear gel like product and I don't think you need to see that as you can see quite well from the photo that its clear and liquid. It is thick though and has a strong alcohol smell.  It smells like the Pantene hairsprays.  I thought before I bought this that it would be a spray and that it probably would leave my hair quite wet like most thickening sprays and creams. However this once massaged in totally evaporates which is probably due to the alcohol in it and I would say entirely deliberate as it says it can be used on wet and dry hair.  You are supposed to massage  it in on every day and use about 15 pumps and to keep using it. Its claims are :-

''Gives the effect of up to 6500 extra hair strands!
This sophisticated daily treatment delivers a potent blend of vitamin B3, panthenol and caffeine deep within the hair, providing suppleness.
The treatment works on the surface of each hair strand, for natural looking hair with fullness that lasts, adding thickness to existing hair fibres and creating the effect of up to 6500 extra hair strands on your head. Incorporate into your daily ritual and notice instantly fuller-looking and thicker-feeling hair.''

Well it does seem to give my hair more volume and it does look more soft when I use this and behaves a little better when styling.  You can use all your normal styling products with this after you apply which is great and personally I don't get much if any build up with this product .  I also only wash my hair once perhaps sometimes twice a week as its coloured with an easy fade colour so I think the fact that it does not build up too much is a really good thing.  Over time it did seem to make my hair feel thicker.  However my hair after using this range for over 3 weeks has gone a bit greasy but I can't honestly say that its down to these products alone as I may of had some hormonal changes that are causing the grease. 

All in all I do like the range but the mask and treatment are the best products in my opinion.  Oh and one review I read about the treatment is that its totally dried out the ends of a woman's hair but its definitely NOT supposed to be used on the ends and of course that much alcohol would dry anyone's ends out and it does not tell you to put it on your ends so don't. 

This was not a sponsored post and all the quotes can be read at the pantene site for these products here. link here

Have you tried this what did you think? let me know. xx

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