Friday, 8 November 2013

Keromask Sample Kit Camouflage Makeup.

I was thinking recently about repurchasing some Dermablend as in Winter my psoriasis can look alot worse and cold weather and heating mixed make it very dry, well dryer than normal.  But the Dermablend colours all looked very dark or too pink toned for me and then I spotted this Keromask. I am sure I had heard of it before perhaps on YouTube but Keromask sell sample kits for Light, Medium/Dark skin tones and I thought it would be great to have a good try of the product before committing to a larger price tag especially as even full coverage foundations struggle to cover psoriasis when its very bad.  This product is mainly aimed at covering acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, under-eye circles and unwanted tattoos. But it does also say on the site that its good for eczema and psoriasis.  The claims of the product are that when used with its setting powder it is waterproof, smudge-proof and heat resistant.

The kits are sold through their main website Keromask London and have demonstration videos avaliable on the site as well as all the products .  The sample kits are £4.99 and look like this:-

They have a little Velcro tab for resealing.  It has the cover creams, mixer colours, a sample of a tattoo primer, and the setting powders. When I first got the kit I thought it was very small and wondered if I would even be able to cover my face with it.  But no it is very creamy and a little goes a VERY long way .  I was shocked and put a bit too much on at first.  They recommend a damp sponge so I used a damp beauty blender but I did finish blending with a buffing brush as I feel more comfortable with that. But I did use a pressing motion so as not to move the base around.

Be warned the backing to the samples is foil and its really hard to peel off without making a mess and I did unfortunately do just that. Loosing almost all the light powder in the process.

You can see from the image though that the product is very creamy.

OK here is a before of the left side of my face.  (be kind this is quite a personal thing for me and I hate people knowing I have psoriasis all over my face even when it not at its worst) :-


The problem areas on my left side are a bit more flush to my skin so I was hopefull that Keromask would do the trick.  Normally I would use foundation and a heavy concealer on this and it would still show through.


Pretty good.  It is clinging just slightly to the driest bits but its pretty good coverage I think.

Now for the right side of my face.

Lots of redness and a mark on the top of my cheek bone that always ruins the look of blusher. (please excuse my eyebrows in these images as I have not had them re threaded in over 3 weeks! ) I also get alot of redness around my nose .


Again a pretty good job of covering the problems especially around my nose.

I also wanted to see how it handled more raised psoriasis as this is how it generally tends to be on me. Those of you that have it will know of the different types and mine can get quite scaly.

hand before (my hands are normally OK but with the cold they always get worse)
Its raised and very dry. 

It does cover well and mutes the redness but does struggle to hide it totally. I really do think that is because of the very slightly raised texture of the skin.  But I guess it just makes it look like I have flaky skin.....not sure on this one here. I would recommend giving it a go though if you have any of the other skin issues as well as from the website demonstrations it does look like it can cover those extremely well.  After 6 hours wear I found that it had gathered just a little around the sides of my nose but on the rest of the face it had held up its coverage well and was still pretty uniform.

The product is good and I do think I will have a few more goes before making my mind up totally .  I was impressed at how creamy it was and its spreadability and really how you only need a tiny amount.  Those of you with the same skin problem may be thinking 'your skin is not that bad you should see mine' and I totally get that as I know and have seen how bad it can get.  My mother has it far, far worse on her face. But I also have it over my body and I have psoriatic arthritis which is now causing problems for my right knee, ankle and foot and all of my nails and joints in my hands.  Autoimmune disorders are not fun and I do wish there was better research in the country for the condition rather then sending you on your way with a bag of steroids or offering you treatments that can have huge side effects for the other parts of your body.  More information on the condition for those of you that are curious please look here Psoriatic arthritis

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