Thursday, 31 October 2013

Back Finally

Hi all its been a while and my old URL/Website at Moonfruit has died a death unfortunately along with all my previous posts and reviews. Sad times.  So I have to start again with this blog on Blogger so please bear with while I get some products up and rebuild my page. I was on such a long hiatus as I had an operation at the end of May this year and I ended up with post operative infections and I was in bed for over three weeks. I finally recovered from that and then went on a family holiday and had things to do with the children over the holidays then they went back to school and I so far have caught everything they have had including a bout of Hand, Foot and Mouth. The joys of having an autoimmune disorder ! 

Anyway hopefully I can get back to some normally now as I am getting over tonsillitis I thought I better get started with a review of some new products from Freak Laboratory Cosmetics.  Please follow and enjoy. xx

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